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creativity for a more collaborative world

we are
for the childhood and the youth of every culture in the world
to connect through the language of art and bloom the flowers of diversity


one window

we are a global platform of collaborative creativity connecting young people around the world through art and new media.


 Our goal is to manifest the power of creativity as a source of mutual understanding between peoples, through which we can open new paths towards global citizenship.

art is the best
intercultural communication system ever...
Wanna know why?

art reconciles

Art is capable of connecting people divided by different ways of

interpreting the world.  


A deeply committed muslim businessman can drive his car listening to musical compositions of a famous jazz musician of jewish origin. An austrian ultra conservative

politician may be moved by the poetry of a progressive latin-american


art liberates

It is a mean of escape by which dozens of situations are expressed that are not so easily verbalised due to the religion to which one belongs, the education one has received, the colour of one´s skin, etc.


Art is able to bring up difficulties from a less dogmatic perspective, open to dialogue, more irreverent, it it frees yourself.

art connects

Art is a language that does not require previous agreement to convey an implicit message to the receiver.


It´s a constant reinterpretation of reality through channels of expression that go beyond verbal communication so as to penetrate into intersubjective consciousness, a quality that makes feel we are part of an interconnected whole.

art brings together

Art is more diverse than any other language on this planet: It´s subdivided into uncountable tendencies and channels of expression in a process of

continuous growth.


Yet...At the same time,  it’s a catalyst for change that favours the convergence of cultures and societies from a more conciliatory perspective; stimulating a common space where humanity can sit together in a circle and value all that unite us in diversity.

art is universal

We all understand and can express ourselves through art. All of us.  Even tribes that are cut off from this globalised world have rich systems of artistic expression. 


It´s universal nature is not granted only by the mere fact that it´s present in all cultures, but by the fact that art is a good traveller too: even someone diametrically opposed - geographically and culturally - can interpret something you have created.


we believe that the strongest force of evolution is cooperation

All the necessary solutions for the future good of our planet will have a common characteristic: they will be creative solutions based on collaboration.


That is why we cultivate a critical mind and divergent thinking in young people, so that they have the opportunity to provide innovative ideas against the challenges of our time in a peaceful, caring and conscious way…


As creativity travels from one hemisphere of the brain to the other to make ideas flow, peoples and cultures interact to evolve.  


In collaboration, we form ideas that better serve the group and we get improved results. It´s the sum that multiplies: 

Altogether we are capable of generating ideas and concepts that we would not know how to develop individually

Our approach goes beyond supporting young artists… We stimulate creativity and collaboration between young people from different cultures because we consider them to be two values that, beyond art itself, may be used in all spheres of learning for life, professional development and global citizenship consciousness.

We co-create collective knowledge and swarm intelligence: we are able to interact and self-manage the whole creative process in a horizontal manner, even develop complex ideas that benefit the group...without anyone commanding or imposing their idea o the rest.


The measurable result of this experience

is an crowdsourced ideation process in the form of art project, which combines and summarizes various ways of seeing the world in one concept.

...we call it Collaborative Creativity.



collaborative creativity

In W2D, the creative process stems from the contact between different types of people and cultures;

our pedagogical approach facilitates that the experience is a shared journey.

1. TRANSpersonal collaboration

We2Di team facilitates an experience of collaborative creativity with young people from the same geographical area. They make up a W2D group. The intention is to create groups that are representative of the diversity present in their community and neighbourly intercultural relations are developed.

Participants join a significant self-learning experience  while they co-create in freedom and equity; adding their cultural imaginary and life situations to the process.


As a result, the notion of identity extends beyond individuality towards a shared vision... moving from the dichotomy of "me" (and "us" culturally speaking) and "you" (others) to the logic of "All"; thus leading to the awareness of global citizenship. 

2. interCULTURAL


W2D experiences follows a response+propose logic.  Like in a relay race, participants reacts to collaborative creations running through the international community 


Following this initial reaction, the group adopt a proactive role, starting a new thread that will be answered by some group elsewhere.


This approach evinces  first hand to the participants that their work will have an echo in other parts of the world; a tangible ever-growing result.  


Thus, we foster motivation,

sense of responsability, shared ownership...

and curiosity.   

3. swarm collaboration

It is our higher goal: make collaboration and creativity between the groups emerge naturally in a self-managed and horizontal manner.


We are fully aware of how challenging this goal is, and that is why we are currently building capacities  to the community, such as shared leadership and other soft skilss as well as strengthening their technical and analytic capacities throughout the whole W2D cycle; from group inception to inter-group, trans-cultural methodologies ideation and management. 


We have articulated most of this learning process into the  Campus VEDI concept and we are promoting W2D International Community Gatherings.  We have also adopted cloud-based collaborative management tools.  

We know our objective is possible, because it is at reach of our imagination!

cameras are our main tool as of now.

Most of our crceations are photo or video collections... but not the only ones: 

we have groomed collaborative dance, painting and illustration, music, performative arts and public interventions.  We have also developend training modules in intercultural innovation and cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

...and we are still growing up!

Here, 5 examples:

imaginary borders

we are community!

We have facilitated creative collaborative experiences and seminars in more than 20 locations in 15 states of 3 different continents. Hundreds of young people from dozens of cultural origins have created multimedia projects that are freely available on the internet. We can not express all the emotions, feelings and magical moments. For everything else, here´s an infographic: 


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