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The idea was pretty simple: Film an ever growing number of people performing, one by one, the seed exercise in different locations and situations worldwide. This exercise will be always filmed at the same time of the day: the sunset. All performers will follow the same choreography and cadence, guided by the same song. Camera placement, settings and configuration will be also kept equal in every performance. All this will allow to edit the content of all of them in a single continuum-like video.


Likewise, the videos created will work as development material for live performances mixing dance and live video projections. Another extra product will be short documentary films giving the chance to the performer and her team in every location to explain the reasons behind chosing  this location and what they wanted to manifest by doing seed performance there.

This co-creation was performed and filmed in Argentina, Israel, Taiwan, USA,   Spain,   Greece  and   Germany. 

It represents  stage  1 main  outcome.

We have developed an  original "plant it yourself" toolbox in order to guide creative teams anywhere in the world prepare, rehearse and perform Seed.




Listen and download Seed song both for Seed video filming (including time lapse gap) and  editing. 



If you are thinking about organizing locally a Seed performance on stage, we have a 14 minutes format. You can use this  2 videos  as 2 sides projection. Both videos includes original music.


Access download option by clicking  the link to Vimeo. To know about more details of the choreography and get extra contents, please contact us.


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